Identifying and Understanding Compromised Tracking

Marin Software Pyramid Stage  •    •  9:30 AM–10:00 AM

Join Steven Brown on the Pyramid stage for an interactive Q&A session on the causes of commission erosion - and how we can solve it.


Steve will start with a short introduction explaining the most common tracking technologies that are common to most major networks in an easy manner and the significance of issues on revenue. Followed by an interactive discussion on how the industry should work collectively to manage: 


  • the deprecation of third party cookies, 
  • how consent platforms are compromising the ability for commissions to be tracked and 
  • the impact of broken first-party tracking. 

This will be invaluable for anyone working in the affiliate industry. A mature conversation between all involved will lead to a better understanding of current and future tracking challenges - and leave attendees in a better position to manage them together collectively.